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Our Honeybread comes in many different shapes and sizes. From our original man which has been around for years,to the newer Flexi Lexi's and houses at Christmas.
Using only Australian Honey and spices, a recipe that has been passed down the generations.
Easy to understand why it's a favourite with many peoples tastebuds!

                  Flexi Lexi's

14cm long and 3cm wide with a choice of three different styles.
All individually wrapped for freshness.
12 x 50g per box.
What's your favourite Flexi Lexi?


Stripi Lexi 50g



Sparkli Lexi 50g



Freckli Lexi 50g


Mini Lexi's

5cm long and 3cm wide with a choice of three different styles.
Packaged 300g trays and 500g bulk bags.
Perfect to fill a jar and sell individually.


300g tray

6 per carton



Mini Stripi Lexi

6 per carton



Mini Sparkli Lexi

6 per carton



Mini Freckli Lexi

6 per carton



Packaged Lines


Individually wrapped and ready for the counter.


Display Box

30 x 25g 


2 x Displays per Carton



Honeybread 25g

Individually wrapped 

 60 per carton

#3976 Display

12 x 65g


2 x Displays per Carton


Flower 65g

Individually wrapped

24 per carton


Bulk Lines




Bulk Hearts

500g tray


Bulk Flowers

500g tray


Honeybread 'n' Chocolate

88 per Kg

Honeybread Babies


Gift Boxes



Heart gift box 160g

12 per Carton


Baby Gift Box 140g

12 per Carton


Flower Gift box 160g

12 per Carton


Personalised / Specialty


 We can create all differnet styles and shapes.

If you are after something different give a call and we can discuss the options available.

We have over 200 different cutters available.

We can even create a cutter to your requirements.


Honeybread Groom

Honeybread Bride

Thank-you bird
Pale blue

Numbers and Letters available

Hearts in all different sizes available

Butterfly fully iced

I love You Mum

Thank You